Friday, January 10, 2014

Red Chair NWPA from Deschutes Brewey

Red Chair is a IPA lovers dream as it has all the IBU's of a standard IPA , that other micro brew drinkers are not turned off by. The hops are not over powering , but far from lacking. It was named World's best beer , Worlds best pale , Worlds best Pale ale , and Americas Best pale ale in 2012 , Worlds best Strong ale in 2011 , and Worlds best Ale in 2010 by World beer Awards. Brewed By Deschutes in Bend , Oregon , who are known for quality beers of all types. This beer ranks as one of there best , and that is really saying some thing when your competing with Mirror Pond pale ale , Jubelale , Black Butte porter and Obsidian Stout. For as smooth as it is , you would never guess it was 6.2% ABV. 
 I have to say , I give this beer a A+. 

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