Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Budweiser - The king of beers ???

Budweiser wow !! What can be said about it from any angle that there add department hasn't hit yet ???

It's the beer of badly dressed gentlemen!!

 It's the beer of truckers based out of michigan !!!

 It's the beer of NASCAR driver Kevin Harvick
I am only making a assumption here but the beer of large horses ???

The Beer of spider man ????

The beer of crazy looking boats , that look uber fuckin fast !!!

The beer of people that wave the flag more than
4 days a year :) ( love you folks )

The beer of football and baseball fans , and i am sure there are more adds for hockey in Canada.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Pabst Blue Ribbon

Nothing says Good Cheap Beer like Pabst Blue Ribbon!! This beer has to be responsible for more unwanted pregnancies then Kareem abdul Jabbar. I can't even begin to fathom who many Punkrock parties I have been to with nothing but Pabst blue ribbon. Rubbermaid garbage cans as far as the drunkin' eye can see , filled with Ice and Pabst. The Grough sound of bad local punk bands playing in the background over the sounds over drunkin' punk rock fucking. At one of these said events i watch a guy lay on the ground and beg a girl to kick the shit out of him, to which she booted his face in and broke his nose. I give Pabst at least 15 percentage point towards teen pregnancy at the least. They should change their slogan to making baby punk rockers since 1844. Pabst did infact win for america's best beer in 1893 , but never actually won a blue ribbon.The name came from the Blue ribbon tied to the neck of every bottle from 1882-1916. Granted at the time most water would make you sick if not boiled. Warm water or a cold Pabst on a hot summer day , thats a no brainer! On top of the cultural relevance to Pabst there is also something to be said for the box and can art. Something about it is very American and almost patriotic in the design. Utilizing red white and blue and also the hops and grain on the bottom of the seal is very similar to the american dollar bill. unfortunately Pabst numbers are going right along with america's economy. Hitting all time highs in 1977 at 18 million barrels and dropping to below 1 million barrels by 2001. More recently Pabst has had some deal of merit in the world of beer , winning the gold medal at the 2006 Great American Beer Festival. Pabst also has markets outside of the USA, such as China Pabst Blue Ribbon. Who recently released a beer call Pabst Blue Ribbon 1844 , that sells for 44 USD per bottle. They also export to sweden as of 2012. Giving so love the our Canadian folks out there , we know you brew some pabst in Ontario :)

Well we have talked about everything Pabst other than the beer itself. Pabst has a slightly malt flavor nicly balanced with hops to give it a darker flavor in a pale beer. Its a American style Lager and goes down really easy. You can find your self a six pack deep pretty easy if its cold on a hot day. As for color Pabst is a light gold , i would say a light for a lager. It is far more flavorful then any beer i have found in its price range. Runners up have been Olympia , and Lucky. (mind you Pabst is very cheep beer)

Now for the raw Data , Pabst is very open with there information :)
12oz has 153 calories 12 grams carbs and varies from 4.7 to 5.9 alcohol by volume
Pabst is owned by Pabst Brewing Company
and Brewed in Plants owned by Miller Brewing Company in the USA

Natural Light

This is my first review and breakdown of a beer so bare with me. I will make corrections and updates as needed to make this blog consistent. That said , down the hatch!!!

 First off I am sure you are asking me why I got Natural Light in the first place. The answer FREE BEER! A good friend of mine had taking a trip to the distributor to pick up beer & they had 24 packs at $5. He gave me 3x 12 packs for helping him get his bar setup and in order. So all in all FREE BEER happened. A wise man once said never turn down a free beer so i gladly took the beer. At first i was having memories of High school parties where no one had any money or idea what good beer was. They would look at Alcohol percentage and go from there. That made me no stranger to Natural ICE and also made me a bit sketched about Natural Light.

I should start this off by saying i am this is by no means the best beer ever made , but i want to layout everything it has to offer as a beer.

The first thing I noticed is the bottle. It is a short neck 12 oz that reminds me of the old wide mouth mickeys grenades. When i poured a glass i noted the color  , as with every American Style Light Pilsner ,the color was very light and very bubbly. Knowing how cheap my friend purchased the beer for i was a little hesitant.
I Start with a smell of the beer , i was expecting that floor of a bottle return smell that most "budget beers" have. With that way over malted aroma , that reminds you of every blackout drunk you have ever met. To my surprise that was not the case at all , in fact there was almost no smell at all. It almost had a hint of fresh bottled lager , almost like the smell you get after you first rinse out a carbo, before you wash it and sanitize.

The flavor was very light and watered down , very similar too Coors Light in that fashion. The aftertaste is not long lasting and honestly this beer goes down rather smooth. I can not say i am a huge fan of light beer in general , but for a light beer , priced in this range. I have to say it is not horrible , i would say better than average for what it is.      

All that said lets bust out so raw data on this beer:
Natural light is made by the folks at Anheuser-Busch and has been around since July 31st 1977.
As a light beer calories are something to talk about here. Only 95 per 12 oz serving (12 oz serving of beer who stops at 1 beer ???) gave Natural Light a "D-" rating over all & gave it the honor of being called the second worse beer in the entire world! To Both of them i say " Find another beer in it price range and compare. Or any American style Malt Liquor for that matter" I can think of a dozen  that i would place far below Natural light. Camo , King Cobra ,  Magnum , ect. Despite the horrible reviews online and in print the number tell a different story altogether. Natural Light is listed as the 5th best selling beer in the USA , And was rated number 2 in best buys for light beer by consumer reports.

So what's the break down , ok here it is.  PROS: Option of a Cool bottle , Cheap , goes down easy (keep it cold as possible), low calorie (for those who care), no long aftertaste , and it doesn't fill you up.

CONS: Lacks in flavor ,  taste to watered down , must be very cold to drink , basicly everything i don't light about light beer is in place.

Overall i would give Natural Light a D+ , You can only do so much in this price range and if u was taking that into account it would be rated higher possible C

Ya the clock says 12:34 AM , Science waits for no one !!!